Calgary Office Connections

Business Support Solutions

16 Midlake Blvd SE              (403) 256-5155 phone

Calgary, AB T2X 2X7            (403) 256-4184 fax

*We are located directly behind DOMO Gas Bar*

Monday                   9:00 - 5:30

Tuesday                  9:00 - 5:30

Wednesday             9:00 - 5:30  

Thursday                 9:00 - 5:30

Friday                      9:00 - 5:30

Saturday                10:00 - 3:00

Sunday                    closed

Hours of Operation


Welcome to your business solutions!


Founded in 1990, Calgary Office Connections is a locally owned and operated business in the south east corner of Calgary.

Owned by Peter and Cathy Maynes for the past 16 years, Calgary Office Connections provides its customers with a wide variety of business support solutions. Whether you need shipping, to rent a mailbox, send a fax, photocopying, office supplies, help with your resume or send money via Western Union - Calgary Office Connections can help to meet your needs.